Announcing the winners!

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Stanton - Tap or Type- #xPressTapContest.mp4_000016968

What an exciting contest! With much consideration with our founders’ panel of 5, after hours of reviewing all the videos, we have determined our winners, here we go:

Grand Prizes:

1st Prize: $3,000 USD and 1 (one) Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6 with xPressTap® ($799 value)

Type or Tap? by Stanton
Scored 96.8%

“Thriller!” – Joe
“Like a summer blockbuster!” – Mark
“High octane rollercoaster ride! Glued till the end!” – William
“High production value” – Elaine
“Captivates the imagination” – Erick

2nd Prize: $1,000 USD and 1 (one) Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 with xPressTap® ($399 value)

The Man On the Left by Jason_Christofferson
Scored 93.4%

“Would love to try “shoes that make toast”! lol” – William
“The possibilities are endless!” – Mark
“Like the idea of comparison between with and without Tap” – Elaine

3rd Prize: $500 USD and 1 (one) Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 with xPressTap® ($399 value)

I JUST TAP IT by Atranproductions
Scored 84.9%

“I’d tap all day!” – William
“Tap, tap, tap the night away!” – Mark
“Love the song” – Elaine
“Big props on producing a song exclusively for xPressTap” – Erick

Honourable Mention:

Video Contest Entry by theGriffindork
Scored 80.8%


Popularity Prizes:

(As determined at 11 p.m. PT on August 23, 2015; removed disqualified votes, view counts.)

Most votes on (1 prize): $200 USD –
I JUST TAP IT.” by Atranproductions with 68 confirmed votes.
Most views on YouTube (1 prize): $200 USD –
#xPressTapContest v1 by Andrew Wu with 503 confirmed views.
Most likes on YouTube (1 prize): $200 USD –
#xPressTapContest The Last Clock by Joshua_Perlmutter with 73 likes.
Popular 10 (Minimum 10,000 VOTES, 1st 10 contestants): $50 USD –
No winners, 10k vote requirement not met, prizes will be carried forward to upcoming contest.


Voter Prizes – 20x $50USD:

Due to the low number of qualified voters with over 1000 points, we have only 17 qualified voters with a total of 26 qualifying tickets. We used a random number generator to determine our winning tickets, and a few lucky voters was able to win multiple prizes:

Amy_Stone: 2 prizes
trilobite123: 3 prizes
AndrewWu: 3 prizes
xharbz: 2 prizes
naushaba81: 1 prize
alansantosii26: 1 prize
Laarni_Dela_Torre: 1 prize
FOF_Productions: 1 prize
Ma_Riel_Dela_Torre: 1 prize
Jonathon_David_Carothers: 1 prize
Francisco_Zapanta_III: 1 prize
Angel_Mae_Dela_Torre: 1 prize
austinclayton: 1 prize
Robin_Aaron_Jabalon_Eroy: 1 prize

Earlybird Prizes – 20x T-shirts:

1) Andrew Wu – Andrew Wu’s Video v1
2) Amy_Stone – XPressTap
3) Joshua_Perlmutter – The Last Clock
4) FOF_Productions – #XpressTap UnOfficial Commercial
5) Alan_Santos_II – A Faster and Safer payment through xPressTap.
6) Angel_Mae_Dela_Torre – a convinient way to enjoy online shopping. #xPressTap
7) Aminata Kante – Xpresstap
8) Jason_Christofferson – The Man On the Left
9) Theodore_Mendoza_Estadilla – #xPressTapContest Easy Nut Payment
10) Atranproductions – I JUST TAP IT.”
11) Jason_Anderson – xPress Tap App
12) Louie_C_Tamparong – The FASTEST way to pay online.
13) Stanton – Type or Tap? #xPressTapContest
14) theGriffindork – #xPressTapContest
15) BinionVisuals – xPressTap – Mobile Payments Made Easy
16) Saeed_Anwar – Hungry Squirrel
17) RichyGuerre – The right way to shop online!
18) Benjamin_Kessler – xPressTapContest-do it the right way
19) Markus – Golf! #xPressTapContest
20) Peter – More Time For Life

To Everyone,

Congratulations to all the winners! It has been my honor and pleasure to host this contest, and I hope that everyone who participated have a good understanding of what xPressTap® is all about, and what we’re trying to accomplish for the online shopping crowd. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their time and efforts, as we could never have done this without you.

We are in the process of contacting all the winners for their contact details and T-shirt sizing information, please ensure your email registered here is current, as we will be contacting you by email. Check your “spam” folder for an email from our domain name titled: “#xPressTapContest Winners…”.

The xPressTap® App

Last but not least, the much anticipated xPressTap® app is currently under intensive development, we are constantly improving its functionality, what we see today is a small glimpse into the future. Feel free to voice your suggestions in our forums to make xPressTap® app the best shopping tool in the world! Stay tuned for the public release.

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