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Week 6 update – 22 days left! New videos, share and WIN!

Share this: Friends, we just received some exciting new video entries this week! Amy Stone have another cool video for us, Alan_Santos_II returns with a very cool animation entry, and Angel_Mae_Dela_Torre brings xPressTap to the gym! With 22 days...

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What is “Contactless” technology anyways?

Share this: For friends that are outside Canada, Europe, Australia, and parts of Asia, you may not be familiar with the “contactless” technology that xPressTap® uses on its mobile app. It is simply a...

Less than 49 days left!

Share this:With just under 7 weeks left, we have 18 more T-shirts, and $8,000 in cash and smartphones to giveaway. Show us what you’ve got! Post any questions or find answers in our Q&A...

Happy 4th of July!

Share this:Just as we celebrated Canada Day north of the border, today is Independence Day with our American friends in the south! Party responsibly every one! Cheers!

Now on!

Share this:We’re now on! The #1 site for video contest tracking. Go win some other video contests while you’re here!    

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