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Create the best xPressTap® user experience video

Synopsis: We want to know how the xPressTap® app can help you shop on mobile devices.

Background: xPressTap® is the Anti-wallet. We created a mobile app that allows anyone to make an online purchase, and fly thru the typical online checkout. You can shop on your smart phone and, when ready to pay, all you need to do is TAP a contactless credit / debit card (MasterCard PayPass / Visa PayWave etc…) to the back of your phone. It might take a couple seconds to read, then all of the user’s data is automatically and securely filled into the proper checkout fields (including name, address, credit card number, etc…) . We’re making it 20x faster and safer as we eliminate fraud from manually entered stolen card credentials.

Better than mobile wallets, consumers never need to allow websites to store their card details– not with the merchants, not even the xPressTap® app.

What are the prizes?


Take part in the exciting contest, and you could win one of 20 (twenty) $50 USD prepaid debit cards, see details.


Earlybird prizes: First 20 contestants receive a LIMITED EDITION xPressTap® FLYING SQUIRREL T-Shirt (Guaranteed Free shipping in US and Canada only)

1st Prize: $3,000 USD and 1 (one) Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6 with xPressTap® ($799 value)
2nd Prize: $1,000 USD and 1 (one) Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 with xPressTap® ($399 value)
3rd Prize: $500 USD and 1 (one) Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 with xPressTap® ($399 value)
Most votes on (1 prize): $200 USD
Most views on YouTube (1 prize): $200 USD
Most likes on YouTube (1 prize): $200 USD
Popular 10 (Minimum 10,000 VOTES, top 10 contestants): $50 USD

Contest ends on 11 p.m. PST on August 23, 2015

What do I have to do to win? 

Short version:

1. Shoot up to 10 videos that’s less than 1 minute long about “What it’s like to just tap a card to your smartphone to shop online?” using our source material here, feel free to get creative with existing and new original ideas / materials.

2. Upload the videos to YouTube, title them with the prefix “#xPressTapContest”, and submit them on with the Upload Video button, after signing up for your personal or team account, before the deadline.

3. Blog it, share it with EVERYONE you know on Facebook, Twitter, everywhere, including but not limited to your sister, her boyfriend, her hair stylist, your boss, his dog trainer, everyone!

4. Get EVERYONE to vote on your video, before 11 p.m. PT on August 23, 2015

5. Win BIG!

Other rules?

Contestants must be the age of 18 and over or in the age of majority where you live, or have parent/guardian’s consent. Be tasteful. MAKE SURE you have all the rights / permissions to use ALL the content you upload. We’re allowed to use what you upload for our purposes, including and not limited to commercial use.

See details in the Contest Page.

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