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    How long will it be before I receive my prize? Can I have my prize money be transferred via PayPal instead of a check

    Thanks for everything you guys are doing!

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    Hi Jason,

    We are making another announcement about the winners, and it looks like you’re the only American winner receiving a prize exceeding $600 USD. We’ll send you a separate email regarding collecting your personal tax identification for the Form 1099-MISC from the IRS.


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      I still haven’t recieved an email for this yet, when should I expect that I’ll receive my prize? My paypal email is

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        Thank you for your patience, we have modified the Google Form used to collect the winner’s details. Please use the link from your email to re-submit your entry with your appropriate US resident tax identification.


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          Before I give you my SSN, with all due respect, is there legal proof of your business’s legitimacy that you can provide to me?

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          Could you provide me with the state and city you are located in so I can search your business up in the business directory? Are you Incorporated? Would you be able to provide me with your EIN number?

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            Sorry, I missed you post here, I was waiting for your tax identification to proceed with your file.

            Anyways, our address is listed in our email footer as per anti-spam regulations. Please refer to your email newsletter for our address in California. We are incorporated in the state of Delaware, like every other tech startup, you may look up our file as xPressTap, Inc. You will receive a Form 1099-MISC from us with all our legal identification details.

            Thank you again for your patience, and congratulations once again for winning the #xPressTapContest!


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    Still waiting on a response…

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