Update: Payout phase 1 and T-Shirt design ready!

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With the winners who have submitted their details so far, we found out most of you are from US and Canada, just like us! Some of you are from Europe and Asia, so we figured the best way to get the cash prizes to you would NOT be cash at all, it would be done electronically with PayPal instead.

We wanted to send out all the cash prizes right away, but PayPal stopped us after the 5th person, alphabetically by username… so we’ll try again tomorrow (Edit Sept 22: PayPal fund clearing is pending until Sept 25, so we’ll try again then)!

I want to congratulate the winners again, and hopefully our prizes help brighten your day, and those who are waiting for their prizes have something nice to look forward to.



This is the final design of the contest winners’ T-shirt, this Limited Edition is reserved for the #xPressTapContest winners and founders only and will not be produced again. Cherish it, it may become your most valuable article of clothing some day!

They are being ordered now and we’ll update with pictures when they arrive!

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