Week 4 Update – Oh wow Batman! Check out these stats!

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20150716 world graph

What an exciting week! 38 days left and counting. We are truly blessed to receive all these great progress in the last few days, in no particular order:

A huge boost in our server speed, thanks to 35 datacenters around the world from CloudFlare, we can now serve our pages in under 3.5 seconds to most of our friends worldwide.

We also received a surge of new participants over the last few days, beating our records last week by over 200%!

However, we have noticed something strange in our database… while the USA only represent only 5.5% of all our visitors, they account for 40% of our registered members! Friends in Brazil, Egypt, Thailand, everybody, join the fun, everyone’s invited!

Last but not least, we just received another early video entry from Alan_Santos_II, and his video received double digit votes within hours of submitting! Check it out for yourselves.

5 contestants are qualified for the earlybird T-Shirt giveaway so far: Alan_Santos_II, FOF_ProductionsJoshua_PerlmutterAmy_Stone, and Andrew Wu. Thank you all for your early submissions, we all look forward to more exciting videos from you!

Excited about the contest as we are? Leave a comment below or on our Facebook page, now with 1000’s of likes!

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