Winners, please check your inbox, last call!

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Congratulations again to all the winners of the contest! We have sent out emails to our 30 winners last week, and we’ve only heard back from half of you guys so far! There were some issues raised in our Q&A forums and Facebook, and most of them were about our emails not showing up in your inbox. We found out that the most probably cause is that email spam filters are highly suspicious of ANYONE winning ANY prizes from the internet… ooooohhhh! So please “whitelist” emails from and check your inbox, double check your spam box for our emails.

We’ll send out an “last call” email shortly. If we don’t hear back from you in a week’s time, your prize delivery will be pushed way back to the queue of things to do, we want everyone to receive their prizes in a timely fashion!

While Mark and the rest of the team are busy building the best xPressTap, our forum topic is waiting for your suggestions and comments to make xPressTap even better!

Thank you all!

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